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The Vicious Circle of Injustice in Spain

RIS launches an infographic that shows government's attempts to leave us #WithoutJustice

We have launched, through the European Liberties Platform, an Infographic that shows the Spanish government's attempts to restrict freedoms and rights instead of responding to people’s needs and demands. It reckons the different measures adopted by the government while citizens react claiming, exercising and defending their rights.

The infographic is part of RIS information campaign #WithoutJustice. In this video we explained the ongoing reforms of the government to restrict fundamental rights and access to justice and to undermine the independence of the judiciary. We have also had the opportunity to focus on each of the measures with experts in the different areas -the interviews are available here and this video we summarized the main conclusions of the experts-.

We encourage you to share this infographic and the rest of the materials of the campaign #WithoutJustice. This way we will break the vicious circle of injustice. These are not isolated actions; they are all part of a plan that intends to leave us #WithoutJustice.