defending rights and civil liberties

RIS is a non-governmental and independent organization composed by lawyers specialized in international law.


Our mission is the promotion and defense of human rights and civil liberties. We identity violations of civil rights and liberties and we work so that the authorities address such violations, in order to secure full enjoyment of human rights for all. Likewise, we seek a better understanding and application of international human rights law.


How do we do it?


  • We conduct research and prepare legal analysis;
  • We promote awareness-raising public campaigns and dialogue with public national and international institutions;
  • We provide training on human rights;
  • We bring cases before the Courts in order to achieve changes in society through strategic litigation.

Our values are:


  • Commitment with justice and people. Our work is guided international human rights standards, the respect for human dignity and the belief that everyone should enjoy fully each and every human right.
  • Independence. RIS is a nonpartisan organization.
  • Equality. In RIS we promote an inclusive and affirmative human rights culture, without distinction of race, gender, nationality, social condition, sexual orientation, gender identity, functional diversity, and ethnic, cultural religious or any other background.
  • High professional standards, integrity, rigour and objectivity. In RIS we have a strong commitment with the highest standards of rigour, precision and professionalism while performing our work.
  • Networking. We build bridges between citizens and national, international and European institutions; we ensure that people’s voice is heard in these forums. Likewise, we foster an exchange of experiences and strategies amongst different civil society groups in order to promote human rights protection and access to justice.